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Live Transfers

LBL aggressively launches a multitude of online, and offline marketing campaigns to drive traffic to our in-house call center. Once we reach the business owner our live operators will pre-qualify the interested consumer, and will gather specific information based on our customers’ requests.

When a viable lead comes in, and after we have collected his/her information, the lead is then transferred directly to the 800# we assign to you that will be call forwarded to your call room. The sales person then picks up the phone, and should close 15-30% of our live calls into sales. Everything is depended on the experience of the agent, and scripting assigned to your sales rep.

We offer live transfers in the following industries:

Merchant Cash Advance
Merchant Processing
Business Security Systems
Business Internet/Cable
Business Website Design/Printing

Sell Leads

If you would like to make additional income driving traffic through our channels such as social media, and or through your call room, LBL Affiliate Program can help you increase your revenue with no ceiling cap on what you can make daily or annually.
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LBL likes to go directly to the source, and cutting out the middle man which will in turn get you higher payouts so you can become more profitable.
Live business transfers Affiliate Program is a win-win for all. Our affiliate partners earn high payouts with offers that can convert. Not all promoters that apply are accepted. We are in need of aggressive offices or media gurus only. Space is limited apply today.