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Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Live business leads targets certain types of businesses, ones that would need, and qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance, and gets them live transferred to your phone, talking to you about there business bank accounts, and or short term bridge loans. Our call center technology can get you prospect after prospect, and keep your staff pitching 8 to 10 hours a day.

We provide fresh business data. Live Business Leads pulls there lead feed by SIC code to get to the right business. You let us know what type of business would be good for your office, and MCA live leads.

LBL has a systematic lead transfer system where we are able to screen the customers effectively, so that we are sending qualified prospects to you. They are exclusive merchant cash advance and merchant account leads. LBL can provide fresh data daily, and you will see a Return on Investments (ROI).

Features of our Live Call Transfer Lead System

Web Based Dashboard

View your live transfer leads campaign on a shared platform where agents, your management team and team leads are constantly communicating to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. View detailed log reports of the calls.

Free Call Recording

You can listen and download the live transfer leads call recordings so you can do some quality assurance.

No Call buffer or timer

We understand don't time calls ever. Our experience in the past it leads to allot of problems and could damage a long term relationship. We will simply replace the call if your dispute is precise. We understand you can't collect apps on someone that never wanted a cash advance.

Free Call Transfers

There are no other fees beside the live transfer leads pricing. No per minute charges added on top. We are a per "valid" transfer live lead A+ company. We don't use the phrase, "Average transfer price". If you buy a 200 transfer pack, you get a 200+ live transfer leads.

No Set Up Fees

Whatever the package prices are, is what you pay. No hidden charges like our competitors.

DNC List Scrubbing

We can scrub the data against the national DNC as well as our internal DNC getting you more productive clients on the phone. You will be able to add your own DNC lists as well as block off states or area codes you don't want to dial.

Personalized Service

We are there to make sure these campaigns work. If anything needs to be changed, call or email us. It behooves us to make sure these campaigns work so that you will come back again. No churning and burning here.

Customized Campaigns

We are always open to new ideas. We learn so much from our clients because we have an open mind. You know your business better than we do but we know how to implement a live transfer leads campaign and make it extremely profitable for you. Let us know if you think you have a service that might work with ours, we will give it some thought and let you know if it would work.

Merchant Financing Leads Benefits

  • Guaranteed Live Transfer Leads
  • 95 accuracy on telemarketing
  • Tested and Proven track record
  • All Leads are Phone Verified
  • We use Multiple Lead Sources
  • Industry experts available to help guide your marketing efforts